i can’t believe thats a real post. that makes me so mad. how fucking deliberately unfunny and horrible do you have to be to make or reblog a post like that

#anyone who thinks that post is funny or whatever needs to unfollow me right now bcus i dont want you around me

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As a queer guy I get a confidence boost from republicans insinuating that my mere existence has the power to destroy a country

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Cuban Motorcycle Gang




Cuban Motorcycle Gang


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body positive zone: how to not be a White Savior when in Africa →



  1. Don’t assume those you intend to help even wanted your help.
  2. You are not there to ‘help’ anyone. Help assumes you are in authority and they depend on you.
  3. You are there to work with people.
  4. Those people are not charity cases: they are human beings with…



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use your position of privilege to call people out 

use your position of privilege to call people out

use your position of privilege to call people out

this how you be a good ally

use the security your privilege provides you to stop hateful speech and actions 

this is how to be invested in intersectionality 

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from UCSB SASA album
how 2 study (at UTS Wom*n’s Room)

how 2 study (at UTS Wom*n’s Room)


Rihanna is having so much more fun than the rest of us

and she knows it

and she doesn’t care what you think of her

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A discourse on brocialism→

"As a radical who is also female and feminist I don’t get to ignore this stuff until I’m confronted with it. It happens constantly. It’s everywhere. It’s Julian Assange and George Galloway. It’s years and years of rape apologism on the left, of somehow ending up in the kitchen organising the cleaning rota while the men write those all-important communiques.

It comes up whenever women and girls and their allies are asked to swallow our discomfort and fear for the sake of a brighter tomorrow that somehow never comes, putting our own concerns aside to make things easier for everyone else like good girls are supposed to. It comes up whenever a passionate political group falls apart because of inability to deal properly with male violence against women. Whenever some idiot commentator bawls you out for writing about feminism and therefore ‘retreating’ into ‘identity politics’ and thereby distracting attention from ‘the real struggle’”